It has been a while!

Well I haven’t been on here for a while so here is an update on my life. I have been doing school work, I am now in environmental Geology, Personal Finance, and Calculus. I am enjoying them so far, especially the Geology. Other than that, I have been doing the usual at work, so nothing going there. Some pretty positive things have been happening though! I now have a lot of things for the chase vehicle such as, Herculiner, a push bumper, and a dash cam. I also hardwired the power inverter, but that happened long before I even made this blog! I still have yet to get the Davis Vantage Pro 2 wireless weather station, a roof rack, a mesonet created by PVC pipe, and an RM Young anemometer. I am definitely ready to see my first tornado of the 2011 season. I’m getting impatient. The weather lately has SUCKED! It has been raining every day forever it feels like. It gets on my nerves after a while. I have also started something else, Joe Quinn and I have started doing a C-17 World Tour in FSX. We started at McChord AFB, WA and we have since been to; Medford, OR, Buckley AFB, CO, and Nellis AFB, NV. This world tour will take us through Hawaii, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, Africa, South America, The Middle East, Europe, Russia, Antarctica, The U.S Virgin Islands, up the east coast across the U.S back to McChord AFB where we started. This tour will take us quite a while but it will give us something to do when we are bored. I will be posting pictures on Facebook. I may post some on here as well but we will see. Something else random just came to mind, I have been having some great skype chats with some other storm chasers, in no particular order such as; Adam Reagan, Papa Jim Sellars, Laura Duchesne, Jeff Miller, David Reimer, Brooke Noble, Adam Lucio, Kendra Reed, Joe Quinn, Robert Brown, and my chase partner Brady Kendrick. (hopefully I didn’t forget anyone) There have been some VERY interesting conversations if I do say so myself. Anyway, yes this blog was written with poor grammar but I don’t care, I just felt like writing a blog lol. Thanks for reading! I’ll post more stuff later!

Supermoon 2011 And First Tornado for Mesochase!

Well everyone, the “Supermoon” was quite a show. I live broadcasted the moonrise through ChaserTV and got many photos and videos! (Will be posted later) People around the nation were concerned about earthquakes and things like that, which I thought was completely ridiculous. The only thing that happened because of the moon was an extremely high tide that set out a coastal flood advisory for an 11 foot swell. There have not been any reports of damage or any kind of disturbance of life or property as of now. Overall, I am glad that I went out and saw it. It was a beautiful moonrise and I wasn’t the only one with the idea to head down to the beach near my house to film/photograph it. Though I was smart enough to get there first and had a good spot the whole time. So other than that, my day was quite interesting. My storm chase partner Brady Kendrick intercepted a beautiful supercell NE of Lubbock, TX yesterday afternoon (March 19th) which produced a brief tornado. If you want to see photos of that log on to and go to the “From The Field (Photos)” page (If you read this and the photos aren’t up yet, keep checking, they will be up soon) Other than that, my computer started having some serious issues and started acting like it was going to crash, so I bought a Seagate Expansion 2 Terabyte external hard drive to back it up for only 87 bucks! It was quite a steal and it works great so far. Thankfully the computer is running well after I uninstalled a few programs that were defective. I also FINALLY got the chase vehicle washed and now it looks nice and clean! That’s about all I have though, thanks for reading! Pictures and video will be up soon from the Supermoon, and don’t forget to check out Mesochase!

Japanese Tsunami: Radiation To Affect U.S?

As you all know, on Friday, March 11th, 2011 an 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan causing extreme damage to structures as well as setting off a tsunami that devastated the country. Over 10,000 people are either dead or missing and a nuclear crisis is on the brink due to damage of a nuclear power plant. The radiation from the plant has risen into the atmosphere causing radiation poisoning to the victims of the devastating natural disaster. What does this radiation in the atmosphere mean for the United States? Rumor has it, that the radiation is going to affect Hawaii, as well as the pacific coast. These rumors are false. After studying the situation atmospherically, there is no possible way for the radiation to travel through the atmosphere and affect the United States. Radiation is heavier than air. After doing a few calculations, the furthest that the radiation could travel is approximately 6K which is roughly 3.75 miles. That is not even close to the nearly 5,000 miles it is from Japan to the U.S. If by chance the radiation stayed suspended in the westerlies, there is a chance that a VERY slight bit of radiation could hit the U.S, these radiation levels would be less than that of what people are exposed to every day. The Japanese are not sure what to do about the nuclear crisis but are doing anything they can to stop it. As for the United States, we are safe from this crisis. Though help is much needed over there, I encourage everyone to donate, or volunteer to any organization to help the Japanese people. These people are showing the world something that non of us have, and that is civility. They aren’t looting, killing, or fighting. They are helping each other to pull themselves out of this terrible situation. That demonstration shows that they deserve help in any way they can get.

Welcome To My World

Hey everyone! Welcome to my world. This is my first blog post and I am very glad to say that I have this blog started. I will add more content as soon as the time becomes available! Thank you Megan for the idea of this blog! (I know you didn’t think that I would post this) Also, check out my storm chasing website everyone!